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Air Taxi in Ottawa, circa July 1984
Clockwise from bottom left: Joyster, Jimmy-o, Albo, Jimmy-e, TedShred, Jamie, Rich Sky, Bill, Strac, Ed Chevrolet, Mark, Davebo (kneeling).


The concept of the Air Taxi was started as an Ultimate Frisbee Team at the Rochester Institute of Technology. It is roots begin in the bedrock of having of good time, enjoying the hell out what you you are doing, and getting horizontal at the same time. It would probably have to be stated that the idea comes from Steve Stracqualursi, the original captain, leader and general well rounded dude. The other folks who have participated in the many incantations of this are:

Mark Berlin, Leo Gadua, Ted Vansant, John Lester, Jimmy Egan, Jay Phillips, Paul Pearl, Joyce Gagnon, Jamie Moore, Bill Webb, Dave Cohn, Ed "Chevrolet" Cherier, Alan Goldenberg, Rich "Sky" Holder, Raymond Gale, Kate Coyn, Geoff Rockwell, Dick Speer, Janice Parente, Tom Watson, Wilbur Price, Barry, Jimmy O' Donnell, Sarah Bushell & others...

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